“My fellow kindred. I welcome you to my court happy in the knowledge that we have once again weathered the storm and found peace after such troubled nights. I have called this Elysium for one purpose and one alone, to rebuild.”

“The struggle may have been an Invictus affair but as always our affairs engulf all and many of you lost sires and childe in the strife. Our numbers must be replenished, that task begins tonight. Seneschal, bring forth tonight’s stock.” – The Right Honorable Alder Thane Abraham, Most Merciful Marquis Of London, Prince Of The City.

London, England, The United Kingdom, and Kindred society is in chaos having come to the brink of ruin. Prince Abraham, who has ruled the city in the name of the Invictus for almost 200 years still holds power; barely. An uprising of the most embarrassing nature occurred, former Princes of the outer domains attempted a coup, attempted to gain praxis and the unthinkable happened. The Invictus descended in to open civil war.

No covenant was left unscathed, there were many losers. The invictus lost almost half their number to final death though their numbers are such that they remain the dominant covenant in the city but only due to the Prince’s pragmatic pardon of the surviving rebels. The Ordo Dracul came off worst of all, only 3 of their number survive though these three are some of the oldest and most powerful vampires in the city. The Bishop of the Lancea Sanctum lost more of his flock than he would have liked and the Carthians only managed to steady their numbers by switching sides at the eleventh hour. The covenant damaged the least by the whole affair were the small, secretive and elusive Acolytes, remaining neutral simply due to their utter indifference to the politics of the city, but even they lost members who were caught in the cross fire.

Change is in the air after centuries of stagnation. The Elders of the Invictus are nervous and wary. The Ordo Dracul must begin the task of rebuilding. The Zealots of the Lancea Sanctum can see an opportunity to take their mission further than they thought possible before while the Carthians simply see opportunity at last. The Crone of the Circle sees all this and knows they must change their approach lest the changes in power destroy them.

Caught up in all this are three neonates, embraced to replenish the cities diminished kindred numbers. It is through them we shall see what happens in the war’s aftermath.

VTR: Aftermath

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