Thane Abraham

Prince Of The City


Abraham is taller than average though would not be described as tall, yet he carries himself with a strength and authority that makes him appear to tower over all who surround him. He is dressed in a dark Navy Pinstripe Savile Row suit of the finest material and wears a long woolen gentleman’s overcoat. His straight black hair comes to his shoulders and is impeccably styled. He sports a short goatee to further add to his visage of power and authority.


He is the Prince of the city and can trace his lineage back through his sires to the first prince of Londinium during the days when the Camarilla still held sway. He was made Marquis for growing the Invictus influence globally by fostering Britain’s Imperial ambitions and gained the moniker “Most Merciful” in recent nights when he spared the un-lives of Invictus rebels who fought on the wrong side of the war.

Thane Abraham

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