VTR: Aftermath

First Night

From the journal of Gregor Lutzavic

Six weeks is not long to adapt to a new way of “life” and a massive culture shift. What’s worse is the expectations held of me. But they are no different than the expectations held by any fledgling to the circle in the last few hundred years. But many of them started at least nominally in the Invictus. I have to be super polite. I can’t show the Circle up nor insult the Invictus lest I risk instant and final death.

The blood feast is something to behold. The First Estate knows how to party. It’s odd really they surround themselves with the heard and then play as wolves in sheep’s clothing. Watching them wager on their seduction of the kine. The four of us kept close enough to each other to begin with and announced our presence early. We did not want to be open to an early gaff in their etiquette. Naturally soon enough we revert back to our natures. My Lady Hella amusing herself in the hunt on the floors below, Dodger running his own games whilst Fagin delighted in snubbing Authorities nose. I circled the kindred and notice that the fledglings like me are being kept a narrow eye o. they are already being weighed for their use. I know the Three and the rest of the circle have done much the same with me. Here I am an unknown quantity.

Like any party though there’s always one who can’t handle it. And this is no exception. Arnold McFinn a bookish type to me clearly high and running his mouth to a Carthian and a known harpy. I’m here to build bridges and I figure not letting him make a total fuck up of his first Elysium might win more friends than enemies, hey it is an Invictus bash, and I approach him and remind him to think of what he is and where he is. I don’t even lay a hand on him.

Then someone turns up a high up in the Ordo. Now I’m told these guys have some interesting thoughts on the nature of our kind but given how he moves about the assembled wolves I know one thing. Here is a man not to be fucked with. He talks briefly to the man of the hour Ken Tucker. This arrival is followed soon by the Alpha. The Prince is a scary man I don’ feel it like I’m told others do but I also have been warned to keep my tongue in check and civil lest the Crone pluck it out.

That’s when I watch the train wreck happen. And the night goes south. McFinn is running his mouth again, and hasn’t heard the herald, hasn’t noticed the hush or the look of fear on his audiences face. He turns and meets the gaze of Thane Abraham. You could see the kindred check out and the beast simply go in to flight. He doesn’t freeze he bolts down the stairs and out the window. Hell does not ensue, calm rational order ensues. The Coterie I’d been told I’d join is formed without ceremony or pomp and dispatched in a test to bring him back here. So it is I meet Ken Tucker and Jack De Coeur.

So these Invictus seem paralysed by something so simple. The longer we wait the bigger the lead the prey gets. Ken we send to try and get a possible destination address whilst Jack and I head to ground level to get the first lines on our prey. Jack it seems has a talent for the hunt picking up on McFinn’s scent, he was heading away from the shared haven and the hunt was on.

The one thing that I love of my new life is the freedom I’m granted from the fatigue or breathlessness. I can run forever unfortunately so could our prey. McFinn had hidden himself but his presence fleeing in fear could not be hidden. We followed in his wake my parkour giving me a sense of freedom following directly. A chase I’d have described as exhilarating in my mortal days lost something in the absence of adrenaline. Through London and in to Hyde Park. We lost McFinn at the lake. And then Ken used his head. We had assumed McFinn had adjusted to his new condition. So it was we followed the Man McFinn not the kindred and headed for his family home.

We arrived ahead of McFinn and Tucker worked his own form of magic and coercion, remember DO NOT trust him, on McFinn and we bundled the near starving McFinn in to a taxi. The cabbie asked no questions and we soon were back amongst our own kind. Tucker went to report back, De Coeur went to bring back some blood and so I took a risk. I started a bond with McFinn. I think Jack suspects but can prove nothing. And I fear McFinn will not last long. The Prince was talking of his research in to something that it appears the Carthians want to know about, McFinn’s inhibition and being played by the harpy are no coincidence. I’ve fed this back to my Lady. We shall have to see what happens.



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